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The Center for Intercontinental Education (a subsidiary of Supreme International College) works with other educational institutions of higher learning to provide access to foreign qualifications via distance learning or full -time.

Cambridge International College is an accredited British College providing superb modern Careers Training to tens of thousands of people worldwide. CIC Members study through CICs popular and professional distance-training methods, or can study where available with the support of CIC appointed local organizations offering campus or tutorial assistance. For 70 years CIC has been a world leader in professional, accredited study and training.


Cambridge International College offers excellent Study & Training for success in a huge range of careers, posts and job opportunities, and at many different study levels.   CIC offers Training and Study which is perfect for all ambitious people looking for career success, promotion, and top jobs whatever the previous level of study, qualifications, work or experience.  The wide range courses available are:



These Programmes are designed to develop the advanced business management and administration skills essential for senior level managerial positions. They cover key business and management subjects including marketing, business, finance and human resource in a practical, enjoyable manner; they then cover high-level subjects including corporate strategy and planning, and chosen specialisation subjects, and require the submission of a Project. The Programmes are intended to accelerate highlevel career development, and endow the holder with great personal confidence, belief and ability.


  1. Hospitality Management (MBA)
  2. Logistics Management (MBA)
  3. Project Management (MBA)
  4. Marketing Management (MBA)
  5. Financial Management (MBA)
  6. Human Resource Management (MBA)
  7. Organisational Management (MBA)
  8. Business Management (MBA)


DURATION: 18 Months.

REQUIREMENTS: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional qualifications.

TUITION FEES: £2,500.00 (Fees can be paid in installments)

Note: The programme fee includes all study materials/books, examinations and project.


These Programmes are a thorough, practical, well planned and enjoyable route to gaining a respected advanced award. They require the study of three related subjects plus advanced management theory and practice. Gaining a CIC Honours Group Diploma demonstrates the potential to become a successful senior manager, administrator or executive in a wide range of relevant career areas. These Programmes also allow progress to BA and Higher programmes.


  1. Hospitality Management (Honours Diploma)
  2. Sales & Marketing Administration (Honours Diploma)
  3. Materials Management (Honours Dilpoma)
  4. Human Resource Administration (Honours Diploma)
  5. Business Accounting & Finance (Honours Diploma)
  6. Business Administration (Honours Diploma)
  7. Business Development (Honours Diploma)
  8. Executive Assistance (Honours Diploma)
  9. Management & Administration (Honours Diploma)
  10. Administrative Management (Honours Diploma)
Tuition Fees
Either £760.00 paid in full on registration                                                           
or an instalment of £215  for 4 equal installments payable evey three (3) months                                                                                                      

International Diploma Programmes

CIC provides a wide range of Diploma Programs written to ensure Members’ development, progress, career success and career enhancement. Each Program deals comprehensively with the important topics, and with emphasis on the practical application of what is taught. Additionally, if after completing one or more Programs a Member wishes to continue on to further study, these Programs are the route to Honours, BA and Higher study and awards.

Available Options:

Tuition Fees: Either 200.00 paid in full on registration or 2 equal instalment of £115.00 per installment.
Duration: 4 - 12 months depending on the intensity of studies

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